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September 11, 2011


Rose & Grace Restaurant Sta. Rosa, Laguna

 Located along the highway right across Paseo Santa Rosa, Rose & Grace is a restaurant in the Philippines puts a twist into the humble turo-turo eateries by blending it with the kind of service and quality found in most fine dining restaurants to give you a completely unique dining experience.


Enjoy a Fun-Filled Day Trip at Tagaytay Picnic Grove

 Located at Brgy. Sungay on the eastern side of Tagaytay City, Tagaytay Picnic Grove is a sprawling 13.5 hectare park where families and friends can come to share good food, great camaraderie, and a spectacular view. It’s one of the top travel destinations in the Philippines frequented by families and friends throughout the year.


September 9, 2011


Akakage Japanese Restaurant BF Homes

 It’s a tradition in my family that each time there is a birthday, the birthday celebrant gets to choose where to eat for the day. When my mom celebrated her birthday last month, she decided that we try out Akakage, a Japanese restaurant that just recently opened along J. Elizalde Street in BF Homes.



September 8, 2011



It would be nice to know that after death, there’s another adventure that awaits us.

Some may think of death as a second shot at life or some may think of it as a continuation of the lives they led on earth.


Tea Talk Tea Room BF Homes

Tea Talk is a sophisticated and cozy little tea room located just along Aguirre Avenue inside BF Homes that a a friend and I discovered while scouting for a place to grab a late night snack. Since that time, it has been the place that I would go whenever I needed to satisfy my craving for milk tea.


September 7, 2011

Featured Articles

Misconstrued Mindanao >> A positive travel advisory

Note from P3 Curator:  This article is in reaction to today's article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer entitled 'US cable likens Mindanao to Afghanistan'. As Filipinos, we have a duty to defend our Mindanaoan brothers and sisters. Negative PR affects them greatly through tourism employment, investments, and basic self-esteem. Do not allow foreign entities to speak ill of such a ...


How to sell your company


"Negotiation is worthless. Sales is everything." -James Altoucher


Balut: the Stuff or Nightmares or Just Plain Misunderstood?

Balut is a Filipino street food delicacy loved by some and feared by many. Is it really the stuff of nightmares or just one very misunderstood egg?

September 6, 2011

Social Responsibility

Hammocks make a difference to maternal health

Hammocks are helping an increasing number of women in the remote mountains of Ifugao, a province in the northern Philippines, reach hospital to give birth.

Social Responsibility

[VIDEO] Health Advisory: Yellow Boat Fever on the rise

It is sweeping the nation. Have you been infected yet?


Papa John's Pizza at BF Homes

Papa John's Pizza, a popular pizza joint in Jefferson, Indiana, is now in BF Homes. Here's a restaurant review to give you an idea what to expect dining here.

September 5, 2011


DENR declares Cabusao wetlands as critical habitat for Philippine duck

The country’s only endemic duck will soon make a fifth-class municipality a must-see destination for environmentalists in tourist-haven Camarines Sur.

by: DENR 0

Active Lifestyle & Sports

Flow Surf E-Magazine is about local love of surfing

The Philippines enjoys the Pacific Ocean and the West Philippine Sea on both coasts with thousands of islands to choose from a surf-spot menu. Despite this, surfing is only beginning to become a mainstream sport in the country. With several foreign surfing magazines to choose from at your local imported book store, one publication chooses to go local.


Choose Philippines Launches Tourism Music Video on ASAP Rocks

Choose Philippines' music video 'Piliin ang Pilipinas' showcases the best about the Philippines, making it such a valuable contribution to the country's tourism industry. Here's my personal take about the new tourism music video.

September 4, 2011


Are You A Gutsy Girl?

In the 21st century, we have seen the rise of empowered women who have made a mark in their fields. We have looked up to them as models to be imitated. They have shown us how great it is to be alive and do what we are passionate about.