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September 4, 2011


Social Innovation - the Next Great Management Breakthrough

The last few years have presented some of the most challenging economic times in the modern business world to run a company, never mind trying to grow it.  Today, despite the still-shaky economy, businesses are starting to re-gain their confidence in their ability to grow profitable revenues.


Cibo - Al Dente AL DE Time

Where else can you find comforting, modern yet still authentic Italian cuisine that serves pasta cooked al dente unfailingly, every single time?

September 3, 2011

Social Responsibility

If We Could Build the Nonprofit Sector from Scratch, What Would It Look Like?

Last year I had the opportunity of working with an NGO effort in Trinidad and Tobago. (It is always tough having to take on a consulting job in a sunny Caribbean country, but someone had to do it…) I was working on behalf of a philanthropic organization to help launch an organization that would train and build the capacity of ...


What Goes On Behind the Scenes of a Website Design Class?

In my Website Design and Development class, I share my observations in the semesters that I handled this class at Xijen College of Mountain Province.


Journey to Medina

We went on a three-day journey to Medina, Misamis Oriental. It was part of our requirements in our subject in photography. We went on that journey riding a bus for four hours, knowing what lies ahead. When we arrived in Medina, we saw the place as very quaint. The place is described by its natural scenery...


Don’t Flush the Finned Ones

When I was a kid, I stood in sad attendance at many a goldfish funeral.


Gloria Maris Dimsum Kitchen Served Hot

Only in the Philippines, there is a Chinese dimsum restaurant known as the Gloria Maris Dimsum Kitchen which always satisfies the hungry bellies of its patrons. In this restaurant, famous and regular people have dined and kept on


September 2, 2011


9th Phil Youth Congress in IT 2011 soon

From Sept 20-24 the 9th Philippine Youth Congress in IT, or Y4IT, will be showcasing everything information technology in education, employment, social media, and how it relates to its main proponents, the youth.


How the Education System Fails Underprivileged Students

From The Huffington Post >> "Instead of meeting a student where he or she is and bettering them, the education system is stifling progress and aiding in maintaining the status quo. Schools and thus, educators, are not teaching students how to overcome their circumstances and strive for excellence; these entities are merely lowering the bar and making students unaccountable for ...

Fun & Me-Time

A Soothing Chinese Massage at Ruyifang Massage & Reflexology

There’s no better way to end a long, busy week than treating yourself to a relaxing massage. And for me, one of the best places to go for a relaxing massage is at Ruyifang Massage & Reflexology.


Remember Chicken Soup for the Soul?

Reading the Chicken Soup for the Soul books is a great way to spend your time. Each story reaches out to a target reader who relates to the category. This series of books is a brainchild of Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.


Best Man Fail

Remember this failed wedding ceremony gone viral? Enjoy.


September 1, 2011


Mary Grace Ensaymada and Cheese Roll

Mary Grace is a purveyor of arguably the best tasting ensaymada you can find in Manila.


[VIDEO] Watch 'Circumstances', peak into another culture

When we take a look and get a feel of another culture that's very different from ours, we learn to appreciate our own as well as be more tolerant of others'.

'Circumstances' is a tale of Iranian women struggling to express their sexuality in a totalitarian and fundamentalist religious state.