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How to sell your company


"Negotiation is worthless. Sales is everything." -James Altoucher


Social Innovation - the Next Great Management Breakthrough

The last few years have presented some of the most challenging economic times in the modern business world to run a company, never mind trying to grow it.  Today, despite the still-shaky economy, businesses are starting to re-gain their confidence in their ability to grow profitable revenues.


For Brands, Being Human Is The New Black

At the Designer Fund’s first Designer Fair, IDEO’s Elle Luna explains how brands are increasingly seeking to gain customers and build loyalty by showing their human side.

Integrative Health

Breaking the Health Care Cost Trend with Innovative Service Delivery

This example of innovative health service delivery cuts costs dramatically, provides health care for almost everyone, and is mobile. For enterprises Filipinos, this model is very applicable to the Philippine healthcare condition.


The future of retail

PSFK releases another trend-projection report. See the slideshow here and see how you'll be buying your needs and wants in the not-so-distant future.


Anabel Importa: From "Call-girl" to FERNtrepreneur!

“The right time to follow your dreams is now; while you’re still young and while you still can. Make small steps to achieve them. Be willing to pay the price for you to get the prize.” -Ana of

Social Responsibility

[VIDEO] Rags2Riches Empowers Impoverished Women To Turn Recycled Scrap Into Haute Couture

Sick of being paid tiny wages to make crafts, Reese Fernandez-Ruiz started an organization to get famous designers to give her work cachet, and started helping get local craftswomen out of poverty.


[VIDEO] The future of PR >> Holistic Transmedia Storytelling

Part 4 of a 5-video series, PR agency Golin Harris discusses the future of PR

via PSFK


Marketing through the Power of Relationship

The victory of every business depends on the relationship genuine between business and customer. Relationship marketing is an imperative and absolutely essential component in the successful businesses of today. Business owners now tend to leverage the power of their valued customers than building new relationships. It is quite successful.


Water lily fest shows plant’s potential

From The Philippine Daily Inquirer >> “Today, with our knowledge of water lilies, we’ve managed to turn it into something beautiful, like my dress,” she said, showing off a body-hugging cocktail dress made from dried leaves of the endemic plant that grow abundantly at the Las Piñas and Zapote Rivers.



Looking for enterprising ideas and how to get it off the ground? Do you already have an idea but just can't figure out how to execute it?
iStart is a business plan depot where enterprising Filipinos can look up information for their dream small business.


Before signing that lease, do your homework and check out the market!

You suddenly saw that a foodcart pulled out of this mall with a supposed high pedestrian traffic.  Without studying your market, you rushed to the Leasing Office and told the Leasing Officer you want to get that recently vacated site and are willing to make the Security Deposit right now!!


If they did it, you can too -Raise the money for that small business idea

Check out these 20 start-ups that managed to raise capital off seemingly mediocre ideas.

From Business Insider's '20 Startups That Convinced Lots Of Strangers To Give Them Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars'

Integrative Health

Heal with Mulberry Oil

Vitaoils Mulberry Essentials is the latest brand to be introduced to the Health and Wellness industry that uses the Holistic approach to nurture one’s body.

Politics & Business

For this family, producing choco tablets is a bitter-sweet success

“Save the Earth, it’s the only planet with chocolates.”

A Family in Pangasinan produces organic tablea chocolate


5 Thriving Businesses in the Philippine Marathon Fever


As Pinoys become more practical and health-conscious, running has become a popular sport in the country. With the growing number of runners in the Philippines, many business-inclined individuals-slash-running-enthusiasts have evolved from being mere athletes to budding entrepreneurs.

Social Responsibility

The Benefit Corporation: Can Business Be About More Than Profit?


Legistlature in several US states provide incentives for Ethical businesses.

Maybe Philippine laws can leapfrog from these examples.