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Cocina: UP Diliman's Own Food Bazaar

 Banchetto and Mercato are known for bringing different food to the midnight crowd. In UP Diliman, however, there is one food bazaar that was made by students for students. Enter, Cocina.


Visit Japan and Brazil this August and September all in UP DIliman

Learn more about Japanese and Brazilian culture with free screenings at the UP Film Institute. Immerse yourself in different movies and be wow-ed by foreign, contemporary film making.

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'Bistek' wants no parking fees for the elderly in QC

I was surprised when my lolo returned home from the mall with a smile on his face. I learned later that the smirk was because of the fact that he did not have to pay for parking when he went to the hospital for his check-up.

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Interview with international DJ Rosie Romero

P3 had the privilege to interview international DJ sensation, Rosie Romero. The beautiful beat genius will be livening up the dance floor in Makati this Friday. Read the thoughts she shared here.

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Jazzanova LIVE in Manila

It's happening tomorrow.
Be there. Feel the music that fused jazz, drum n bass, house, break-beat, and other forms into one groove.

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Ukay : Style on a Budget

Being fashionable doesn't have to break the bank. Branded clothes and accessories don't make an outfit, creativity and resourcefulness do. For the budget-tight shoppers out there, your favorite store should be an Ukay store. Here's why.

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The Menti Assorbenti Montessori Way

Early childhood education forms the foundation of a child. It begins at home with the parents. When the child is ready to go to school and meet other kids, a whole new world awaits him. This is where Menti Assorbenti Montessori

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Spending Quality Tea Time in Moonleaf

What distinguishes one tea shop from another is the atmosphere and unique experience each customer can. Moonleaf is one of those stores that greets it's patrons with familiarity and a welcoming smile. Students and young professionals alike go gaga for the milk teas and it's no surprise why.

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Craving for Chocolate Cake? Try Chocolat

Chocolate lovers everywhere should be happy to know that there is one shop that serves dark chocolate cake, just like mom used to make. Chocolat is the bake shop to go when you want that perfect comfort food. Try their Death by Tablea, Caramel and Kahlua confections.

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Be Mesmerized With The Cirque du Soleil

It is not too often that Filipinos can witness first-hand how a traveling circus performs. Well, the Canadian-based entertainment group Cirque du Soleil has been in Manila to captivate the Filipino