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Tourism Accessibility in Panay Island

Successful tourism is defined by five “A”s, namely, attractions, access, accommodation, amenities and activities. In developing countries where transportation networks are normally disjointed, accessibility is a main challenge. This is mostly true for tourists who do not want to transport themselves. Is there any way to surmount the accessibility challenge?

Social Responsibility

[VIDEO] RAFI Celebrates the Success Greenin Philippines’ Run2Plant

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) has once again initiated a project that had attracted thousands across the province of Cebu to run and plant thereafter. More than 55,000 earth runners joined the Run2Plant 4 Greenin Philippines held simultaneously in the 48 municipalities and cities of the Province of Cebu last June 25, 2011.


Your next salad could be from Negros

The Department of Agriculture in cooperation with Negros local government officials plan to transform Negros as the Visayan capital into a vegetable salad production capital.


Government program boosts Philippine carbon trading project

National Greening Program supports carbon trading project in Southern Leyte, Philippines.


Finding Love in the City Of Love

If Paris is the city of love then Iloilo is its counterpart in the Philippines. There are lots of things to do and discover in this majestic place. Aside from its romantic speaking and very friendly locals, you will also adore the different sites and sounds this place has to offer. You will soon find out why people consider this ...