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Are You A Gutsy Girl?

In the 21st century, we have seen the rise of empowered women who have made a mark in their fields. We have looked up to them as models to be imitated. They have shown us how great it is to be alive and do what we are passionate about.


Remember Chicken Soup for the Soul?

Reading the Chicken Soup for the Soul books is a great way to spend your time. Each story reaches out to a target reader who relates to the category. This series of books is a brainchild of Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.


The Filipino Adult Reading Habit

Reading books is no longer a hobby of Filipino adults. Less than one-fourth out of 100 in Filipino adults continue to read books. This is a sad fact based on research.


Food for the mind, library for the soul

If you have heard of my yellow library, I'm very happy to share that it was featured in, making it the first Pinoy home library featured there! is a collection of "the most beautiful libraries in the world", from home libraries to public ones, from school to corporate. It is really a very beautiful website to visit, especially ...


Academic Nook: Done Kissing Frogs

Growing up in rural Philippines where folk tales are part of everyday life, where the fantastic and the ordinary meld in a cosmos of danger and beauty; where were-creatures and spirits lurk in every corner, where the physical and spiritual worlds are one, my early childhood was full of excitement, adventure, and uninterrupted marvel.
By: Tuting Hernandez


The Story of The Outliers

When we hear about people making extraordinary achievements, we all listen to the news about them. Isn’t it wonderful when we become motivated and inspired again to do our best in the


High-Strung & White-Knuckled

"The Elements of F*cking Style," fresh off the Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press, parodies the writing style guide "The Elements of Style" by Strunk & White.

Fun & Me-Time

Young Adult Book Blog on Paper Towns

I don’t know how to start spilling my thoughts about this brilliant, endearing and witty
work of John Green but let me tell you that this book, Paper Towns by John Green, slapped me
tons of realizations in life. I mean, I got some issues too just like the characters in the book and
man, the guy (John Green) knows ...


University in Japan to Offer PhD in Manga

Japan's Kyoto Seika University said Tuesday it will launch the country's first doctoral program in manga studies next year.

Integrative Health

The Future of Health

PSFK's report on the future of health [healthcare].

Presented in a beautiful slideshow, these projections are not too far off from happening. What's best is, the mobile technology can be easily adopted by enterprising Filipinos.