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Full Body Scanning Kiosk Creates Custom Fit

Mybestfit is a shopping technology that scans a person’s body to match their personal measurements with clothing, sizes, and styles stocked by nearby retailers.


Why Google+ is an education game-changer

It's been a week since I snagged a Google+ invite, and while it's fun to hit the reset button on my personal social media life, what I'm really interested in is how the service is going to impact teaching and learning. There's a good chance that Google+ is going to become a powerful communication and collaboration tool in the classroom. ...


Climate Scientist Rap Video

It's nerdy, ironic, hipsterific and viral.

A youtube rap video on climate change spreads awareness without the heavy, overly-serious atmosphere that goes along with it. Watch it.

Politics & Business

Groupon to Partner with Grocery Stores

What happens when Groupon offers regular coupons from grocery stores? Use your imagination!

Social Responsibility

Google X Nonprofit World

You know that the nonprofit world is growing in clout and scope when the internet hedgemon offers yet another online tool that has the potential be a nonprofit S.O.P.