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Don’t Flush the Finned Ones

When I was a kid, I stood in sad attendance at many a goldfish funeral.


Rupturing the consumer myth through sexual liberation.

The revolutionary breeze that ushered in the 60s carried with it a desire for sexual liberation and emancipation from the bourgeois, patriarchal norm. By calling into question the fundamental unit of society, the nuclear family, rebellious youth hoped to shake the foundations of staid consumerism.


[SLIDESHOW] iMentor Steve Jobs

The resignation of Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple due to health problems affected me because he is my unofficial mentor. I found this slideshow online and I wish to share it with everyone who want to enjoy what they do and excel at it. Our country can surely use this mentality.


Hands Clean: the Rise of Victim-Blaming

While traveling to the province, I chanced upon a news report about a dengue outbreak in some parts of Tarlac. A local government official was interviewed, in which the official vehemently refuted claims of local residents that the local government units (LGUs) were not doing enough to prevent dengue from spreading. The official from the Department of Health said that ...


Debt crisis in US and Europe? PHL moving strong

The Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas announced that businesses are more optimistic in the Philippines for the third quarter -- and why wouldn't we? Our local industries are all in growth and expansion mode, public private partnerships, OFW remittances remain strong, and NEDA along with the BSP choose wise macro-economic thrusts.


Let It Leak: Intellectual Property and the JSTOR Leak

Recently, copies of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society were uploaded by Greg Maxwell into a popular torrent site as a reaction to the prosecution of Aaron Swartz by the US Attorney General for downloading too many papers from JSTOR. In a note accompanying his torrent, Maxwell explained the evils of pay wall gatekeepers such as JSTOR who retail ...


Philippine submarines? A little late in the game don't you think?

Why is President Aquino beefing up the Philippines' military capabilities? Isn't it 'too little too late'? Is this because of a little Spratley spat? The fact is, we will never be able to defend ourselves should China choose to attack -- or should most any ASEAN nation for that matter.


Luneta hostage fiasco - One year later

It is hard to believe a year has passed since the tragic events of the Luneta hostage fiasco transpired leaving Hong Kong tourists dead or injured, sour relations between our country and Hong Kong, and a world-wide embarrassment that showcased the incompetence of our police and officials.


A humane version of the Public-Private Partnership

Here's a re-think of the Public-Private Program (PPP) the Philippines is so hot about in the past years. PPP is subject to a lot of controversy especially in the field of economics. Studies show that the majority of the risk is carried by tax-payers and not enough by corporations. If one of the P’s in the PPP was changed to ...


How dare you...

"How dare you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?"

-Seth Godin, Marketing Guru


Why Paris Hilton is in Manila

Many misconstrue that the hotel heiress is a blonde bimbo who simply parties off of daddy's riches. This outlook only scratches the surface. This writer would argue that the model, singer, host, an entrepreneur is a business genius. This is more than a get-away to a tropical paradise.

Modern Filipino Culture

‘Offensive art’ to be taken to court by Catholic lawyers = Bullshit

Artists beware! Your freedom of expression is now threatened by conservative Catholics who do not want to be offended by your creations. Usually, if one does not want to be offended by something, they look away or do not partake. This time, they want to repeal your right all together. Progress!


A good ad-man listens to the pulse of the youth

With veteran advertising executive Mon Jimenez assuming the reigns as DOT head, the Philippines can really up its tourism into a new category if he recruits the help of everyone.


Under Inquisition: Art and Censorship in the CCP Exhibit

God may be dead, but religion sure isn’t. In just a couple of days, a few religious bigots and politicians were able to fan what is now a widely publicized attack against an art exhibit held at the CCP. The exhibit, ‘Kulo,’ features a piece by Mideo Cruz called ‘Polytheism,’ which makes use of religious images to portray various types ...


How to Survive in the 21st Century

The truth is, every century needs a set of survival skills precisely because there is no such thing as an easy century for the common human. Way, way back during the first century, you had Pharaohs and Roman Generals chasing your back or trying to make a slave of you. In the middle ages, you had the Inquisition and the ...


If I May Ask...

Why is it difficult to sleep during daytime? Are our bodies really programmed to sleep at night?

Are women less attractive without high heels? or make-up? 

Really, who is responsible for the MMDA being corrupt? 


Better than the networks

From The Philippine Star >> Even if they tried, none of the television networks could come up with more riveting “shows” like the Senate does.

With no disrespect towards the Senate, I have to say that recent events or investigations conducted by the Senate have all been worthy of an Emmy in terms of drama, content, national significance, even ...


A Fil-Am's flash flood ordeal

"A tree flushes down from the hills from the right to the front of the car making it impossible to go forward. We try to back up but the tree is starting to go under the front bumper. From the hills, we see water raging fast towards us with branches, mud, rocks and rubber hoses from shacks along the side ...


What to pack when commuting with baby

Practical tips when commuting with your baby.


Philippines: Bongga Ka Dive! My idea on how to boost tourism

EDIT: Because I believe in localization, the vernacular tagline is now PHILIPPINES: BONGGA KA DIVE!

As a diver, I am biased. Beyond the traditional way of viewing the Philippines as the “land of the smiles” and having some of the “best hospitality in the world” and “great beaches” one of the recreational activities that isn’t highlighted ...


Are you a Third Culture Kid?

Whenever people meet me for the first time, I come off as just another friendly neighborhood Asian kid who gives his seat up on the bus for the elderly and pays all his taxes.


The 'little' that matters

From The Philippine Star >> How much excitement can a columnist expect in a room full of NGOs and foundations celebrating another foundation’s 15th anniversary?


National Scientists > Champions of progress

At the 2011 National Science and Technology Week at the SMX Convention Center, economist Raul Fabella and former Ateneo de Manila University president, Fr. Bienvenido Nebres, were donned with the title ‘national scientist’ by President Aquino. The title of ‘national scientist’ the highest honor one can attain in the Philippines for one’s body of work in science and technology.


Reduce rice price

From The Philippine Star >> One of the black marks of the first 12 months of President Aquino is the high prices of prime commodities. But the administration has only itself to blame because it increased the price of NFA rice 50 percent from P18 to P27/kilo.


‘Little by little, the bird builds its nest’

From The Philippine Daily Inquirer >>

An inspiring story of hard work, aspirations, and success. Some tips too.


[VIDEO] Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

Mass public education was established during the industrial revolution to cater to jobs produced by the industrial revolution. Today, the world has dramatically changed yet education has remained the same. In our information, innovation, and artisan modern world, this will not hold for long.


Economic Reform & Tourism Development Sobriety

Two articles in today's paper distinctly stood out. Instead of the usual political mud-slinging, economic and social progress were the ones that provided hopeful signs. This commentary aims to provide common-sense and sobriety to these lofty goals.

Modern Filipino Culture

I Fell in Love Through My Ears...

"A man falls in love with his eyes.  A woman falls in love through her ears". -Woodrow Wyatt

I'm not going to tell you about when Hip-hop took my heart.  See, it didn't take a day nor even a week, month or year.  Instead I'm going to tell you how.


DepEd Short of P45 B for Last Two Years of K+12

Former education secretary Mona Valisno proposes Congress funding support as well as collaboration with private and state universities to subsidize the additional two years of high school in the K+12 program. The end goal is to alleviate some of the financial burden of parents.