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Enjoy a Fun-Filled Day Trip at Tagaytay Picnic Grove

 Located at Brgy. Sungay on the eastern side of Tagaytay City, Tagaytay Picnic Grove is a sprawling 13.5 hectare park where families and friends can come to share good food, great camaraderie, and a spectacular view. It’s one of the top travel destinations in the Philippines frequented by families and friends throughout the year.


Choose Philippines Launches Tourism Music Video on ASAP Rocks

Choose Philippines' music video 'Piliin ang Pilipinas' showcases the best about the Philippines, making it such a valuable contribution to the country's tourism industry. Here's my personal take about the new tourism music video.


Journey to Medina

We went on a three-day journey to Medina, Misamis Oriental. It was part of our requirements in our subject in photography. We went on that journey riding a bus for four hours, knowing what lies ahead. When we arrived in Medina, we saw the place as very quaint. The place is described by its natural scenery...

Fun & Me-Time

Adrenaline-pumping Seven Falls zipline

Lake Sebu in South Cotabato is slowly becoming one of the top tourist destinations in Mindanao. If you are within the vicinity, make sure to visit the Seven Falls Zipline. Adrenaline junkies will get more than just the usual thrill that comes with the ride, but a visual treat of the breathtaking view of the falls and surrounding ...

Fun & Me-Time

Re-FISH-ing Foot Spa at Tagaytay's Picnic Grove

The last thing I expected while spending a day at Tagaytay Picnic Grove was to become fish food. But this unique foot spa treatment was definitely worth it.

Fun & Me-Time

Cagsawa Belfry

The belfry of Cagsawa Church, a parish buried in lavaflow when Mt. Mayon unleashed her fury on February 1, 1814.


Pinatubo Buried Houses - creating a major tourism product

Here's another unsolicited advice. This time for the province of Pampanga.


A sea man's video blog and diary

Note from P3 Curator >> Edward's video blog and diary is a shining example of what P3 aims to be. Edward is one of the thousands of sea-faring Filipino overseas workers. It's about time (alternative) media shed a spotlight on the life and adventures of our sea-faring heroes. Edward's video blog will commence as a regular column in P3 in ...


Your Tagaytay Highlands Getaway

Visiting Tagaytay Highlands in the Philippines promises you to come back for more. It is a world-class international golf and country club that has made locals and tourists open their mouths in awe.


Breath-taking shots in

Yes it is a controversial animal rights topic -- The Running of the Bulls.
But these shots really capture the raw energy of the cultural event.
View the amazing shots via


20-storey Malakas at Maganda

In an event some weeks ago, Chairman Felipe de Leon of NCCA (National Commission on Culture & the Arts) posted a challenge to come up with an idea of a monument that is truly and uniquely Filipino. I told him - how about a 20-storey monument of Malakas at Maganda? Ohhhh.... he liked the idea! What do you think?!


Birdwatching in Sagada

For those who have been to the rustic town of Sagada in the northern part of the Philippines (Mountain Province), many would agree that it is a frontier destination. With cool climate, really dramatic mountain views, impressive and adventure-filled caves, and a proud Cordillera culture, Sagada has become an ultimate destination for many travellers seeking an adventure experience only a ...


A World-Class Destination: Pico de Loro

In Nasugbu, Batangas, there is a gem of a Philippine travel destination for locals and tourists alike. The Hamilo Coast development houses the Pico de Loro Cove, only one out of thirteen coves for

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Surigao City invites groups to join Bonok-Bonok Festival 2011

The Surigao City Tourism Council is inviting all cultural groups throughout the country to participate in the much anticipated annual ethnic mardi gras in the city, the 2011 Bonok-Bonok Maradjaw Karadjaw Festival on September 9 this year.


Finding Love in the City Of Love

If Paris is the city of love then Iloilo is its counterpart in the Philippines. There are lots of things to do and discover in this majestic place. Aside from its romantic speaking and very friendly locals, you will also adore the different sites and sounds this place has to offer. You will soon find out why people consider this ...