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Best Man Fail

Remember this failed wedding ceremony gone viral? Enjoy.


[VIDEO] Mario Brothers Movie -the hipster indie version

Do you remember the 1990s movie adaptation of Super Mario Brothers starring Jon Leguizamo?
Here's a modern, hipster, indie version. Enjoy


Branded comdoms

Don't you wish RH Bill debate participants had a sense of humor?
Check these out.


[VIDEO] Infectious laughter

Proven by science to be both preventive and curative, check out this quality chuckle by Tom Hanks in the 1980's movie 'The Money Pit'


[VIDEO] Remember this Lonely Island hit?

Here's a Lonely Island classic as only Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone can deliver. Watch the funny video.


[VIDEO] Harrison Ford curses out Chewbacca

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, icon Harrison Ford settles an old grudge with his betraying 'a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away', former sidekick Chewbacca.

Watch this funny video.


Remember VJ Greg?

Here is VJ Greg from the Nestea VJ Hunt. It had to be rehashed for a pre-weekend laugh. Happy Friday.


[VIDEO] New Youtube laugh classics

Watch Michael Fajatin of SAKSI completely mess up!


[VIDEO] Japan is cursed because the Emperor had sex with a dragon

Evangelical Christian pastor, the pastor of American Gov. Rick Perry, preaches that the ills Japan experienced were because of dragon-sex.

Ok, whatever.


Smart Parenting - "The Incentive"

Now that's how to make them do it!


Climate Scientist Rap Video

It's nerdy, ironic, hipsterific and viral.

A youtube rap video on climate change spreads awareness without the heavy, overly-serious atmosphere that goes along with it. Watch it.


26 Ads That Won't Pass Today's Political Correctness

Peep these advertisements of the less-than-pc-recent-past. Most are national ads backed by advertising firms (think Mad Men); so offensive today that they serve as dark humor.