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Ukay : Style on a Budget

Being fashionable doesn't have to break the bank. Branded clothes and accessories don't make an outfit, creativity and resourcefulness do. For the budget-tight shoppers out there, your favorite store should be an Ukay store. Here's why.


Fashionistas Out There, You Will Love

  For Filipino ladies who love to dress themselves up frequently or when there is an occasion, there is a fashion site based in China that you will love.


Avant Garde Designer Kermit Tesoro Shakes Up the Philippine Fashion Industry

Taking the fashion world by storm is our very own, Pinoy bred designer Kermit Tesoro. His creations have sparked the imaginations of Pilipinos and foreigners alike. He's bound to make it big with pieces that inspire Lady Gaga and have been likened  to Alexander McQueen.


[VIDEO] Tales From The Kitchen: Nike’s Hyperfuse Cartoon

From >> Nike has been marketing its Hyperfuse tech with a series of colorful and comical animations that depict the products inception. It stars cartoon versions of Hyperfuse creator Shane Kohatsu and innovation leader Ben Shaffer and seems to be the first in a series of Tales From the Kitchen. It was created by media and design agency ...


MAX Thrift Shopping

Jessi Arrington wearing nothing new and is fab  | Video on