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Fun & Me-Time

ELEMENTS Camp Looking Aspirants

~ A total of sixty (60) aspirants – thirty (30) singers and thirty (30) songwriters will be accepted to be the second batch of ELEMENTS participants. More than twenty (20) mentors will be joining the campers in Dumaguete City from November 6 -10, 2011. ~

Fun & Me-Time

Why Sari Sari Sounds?

P3 is proud to have on board with their regular column and features.
Support sarisarisounds. Support original Pinoy music. Listen to their online streams and talk shows to hear what's relevant in the modern Pinoy music scene as well as social issues.


[VIDEO] Chassis to be shown at UP

Chassis is an independent film by renowned independent filmmaker Adolf Alix Jr. The plot focuses on the plight of Nora, a young Filipina mother who is struggling to make ends meet for her and her child. It premiered in South Korea, at the Pusan International Film Festival, where it received positive reviews from critics and viewers alike.


Visit Japan and Brazil this August and September all in UP DIliman

Learn more about Japanese and Brazilian culture with free screenings at the UP Film Institute. Immerse yourself in different movies and be wow-ed by foreign, contemporary film making.


[VIDEO] Must see: Ang Babae sa Septic Tank

In case you haven't seen it yet, GO!


[VIDEO] The phenomenon (and madness) of both perspectives

Rape is such a taboo subject-matter. Why has it taken so long to analyze the perspective of both the victim and the rapist? The Natural Phenomenon of Madness delves into the minds of both characters in a haunting and beautiful way that truly makes it a phenomenon. A must-see. Watch the trailer here.


[VIDEO] Pinoy young adult angst captured by Rakenrol

I know so many teens and young adults (even those in their 30s) who have the emotional and mental traits of the characters in the movie Rakenrol by Quark Henares. It would be easy to argue that it's even archetypal. Why? It's in our cultural history.

Social Responsibility

[VIDEO] Best Documentary: 1st Moonrise Film Festival August 2005

MOVING MOUNTAINS by KAK Tri-Media Producations, a Filipino documentary film group, shines light on large-scale mining in the Cordilleras and how it changes the lives of the surrounding communites. It also sheds light on the efforts of indiginous communities that try their best to deter the mining companies.


Album: Lui Stories by Lui Castillo

Check out the sample tracks by Lui Castillo and support independent and original Filipino music.


Five Decembers with the Decemberists, and counting

There are one hit wonders, and there are bands like the Decemberists.

Modern Filipino Culture

Fil-ams & hip-hop: An exploration

UP College of Music presents Cipher of Styles: Exploring the Filipino Hip Hop Diaspora.


[VIDEO] FlowTek is DOPE

This Pinoy hip-hop track is reminiscent of the sound of Typical Cats -with a jazzy piano, raw beat, and intellectual flows. I'm very happy that our country's hip-hop is really evolving. Enjoy 'Uncharted Territories' by FlowTek featuring BeetleJuice, Flexx, and Pasta Groove.


[VIDEO] Live Drum n' Bass by Helen

Check this chic rock out and offer rolling-groove beats.
HelenDNB serves it cold at last month's Fete dela Musique Manila.


Banksy Sponsors Free Admission to Museum

“I don’t think you should have to pay to look at graffiti. You should only pay if you want to get rid of it."