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RH Bill


Integrative Health

22 out of 78 blood donations tainted with HIV = RH Bill need

Today's news wire was particularly alarming -- 22 out of 78 units of donated blood tested positive for HIV as reported by the Department of Health's Research Institute for Tropical Medicine.

RH Bill

[SLIDESHOW] Senate RH bill no-brainer

What is there to debate about? As long as the senate sticks to the facts, the argument for the Reproductive Health Bill is a no-brainer. Only when religious and dogmatic points that do not have conclusive scientific evidence backing them are introduced does the discussion turn into a subjective farce.

RH Bill

Noy not softening on RH bill

From The Philippine Star >> President Aquino has not softened his stand on the reproductive health bill with his offer of reconciliation with Catholic bishops, but has only “opened doors for negotiations” over the controversial bill and other issues, Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa said yesterday.

RH Bill

‘RH bill will be voted on when lawmakers tire of debates’

From The Philippine Daily Inquirer >> The leadership of the House of Representatives is just waiting for its members to get tired of the plenary debate on the controversial reproductive health bill before finally putting it to a vote, according to Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II.

RH Bill

Indonesia: A Family Planning Model for the Philippines?

From The Philippine Daily Inquirer >> The facts are clear. In terms of key economic and social indicators, the Philippines was ahead of Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam 40 years ago.  Today, we are behind and face the dismal prospect of falling even farther behind in the next few years.

RH Bill

Enough! Pope and bishops do not have my best interest in mind.

My cousin is pregnant for the third time. They are fortunate enough to live in a one-room hollow-block square with rusty old yero for roofing. This is already fortunate compared to their neighbors who use plywood for walls that rot from rain. She watches the kids while doing house chores while her husband is a driver for an upper-middle class ...

RH Bill

Pope reminds Pinoy bishops to be firm vs RH bill

From The Philippine Star  -With the debates over the Reproductive Health (RH) bill to be revived once Congress resumes session on July 25, Pope Benedict XVI reminded Filipino bishops to be firm in their position against the bill.

RH Bill

Prioritize RH bill, Noy urged

From THE PHILIPPINE STAR House Minority Leader Edcel Lagman asked President Aquino yesterday to make the Reproductive Health (RH) bill one of his priority measures.

“I hope the President will certify it as a priority bill. It does not have to be certified as urgent,” he toldSTAReditors.