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Featured Articles

Misconstrued Mindanao >> A positive travel advisory

Note from P3 Curator:  This article is in reaction to today's article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer entitled 'US cable likens Mindanao to Afghanistan'. As Filipinos, we have a duty to defend our Mindanaoan brothers and sisters. Negative PR affects them greatly through tourism employment, investments, and basic self-esteem. Do not allow foreign entities to speak ill of such a ...

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‘Offensive art’ to be taken to court by Catholic lawyers = Bullshit

Artists beware! Your freedom of expression is now threatened by conservative Catholics who do not want to be offended by your creations. Usually, if one does not want to be offended by something, they look away or do not partake. This time, they want to repeal your right all together. Progress!

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U.S. Downgrade OR The never-ending cycle of debt

The wires are a-buzz with the United States credit downgrade and economists are busy calculating and debating as to its ramifications. All of the mathematics of economics seem to be out of reach of the common person – but think again. Yes, all the ‘econo-metrics’ delve into higher calculus in the measurement of multiple variables such as money supply, interest ...

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Hacking to make a difference

Just yesterday, the Pentagon announced that it is deploying a ‘hacker development program’. U.S. intelligence realizes that cyber activity and security is a prevalent and growing and will address the issue with priority. Today, hackers attack the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) . Are hackers criminals or are they making a statement?


National Scientists > Champions of progress

At the 2011 National Science and Technology Week at the SMX Convention Center, economist Raul Fabella and former Ateneo de Manila University president, Fr. Bienvenido Nebres, were donned with the title ‘national scientist’ by President Aquino. The title of ‘national scientist’ the highest honor one can attain in the Philippines for one’s body of work in science and technology.

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SONA for Mona

In anticipation of the president’s State of the Nation Address , one cannot help but sign with color of ‘same-old-same-old’ in the exhale. If this SONA will be like any of the past decade, it will just give a top-down view of where the oligarchs think the country is and where they wish it would head. At this juncture, there ...

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Tourism Creativity

It’s time to think outside of the box!

Modern Filipino Culture

I Fell in Love Through My Ears...

"A man falls in love with his eyes.  A woman falls in love through her ears". -Woodrow Wyatt

I'm not going to tell you about when Hip-hop took my heart.  See, it didn't take a day nor even a week, month or year.  Instead I'm going to tell you how.

Featured Articles

P1.7M Reallocation Short List

Despite the fact that the request for a sport utility vehicle as a gift was on paper and not an under the table deal, asking for such a luxurious good amidst the litany of woes the country faces is in poor taste to mildly state it. Factoring out political motives for the outing of Butuan Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos ...