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I am not a true Mindanaoan, I hail from Paranaque in Metro Manila...a graduate of UST (The University of Sto. Tomas) in  Manila. My previous work in public affairs and as a production control planning analyst equipped me to make the big leap in migrating to this very controversial island Mindanao --ok that was part of it, but mainly since I was asked to relocate here by my ex-BF who is a true blue Mindanaoan. I fell in love with this very misunderstood island and you can say that the rest is history...

I am also a doting mom to my cute and oftentimes hyperactive little girl. And I blog about being a mom in my other blog –mommy journals.

Often, I am asked what is it about this island that made me decide to relocate here, leaving a promising corporate career and all my friends and family behind. Despite the qualms and negativism surrounding this island, this is where I found peace and a place perfect for raising a small family of ours. It is where my fairy tale “ever afters” began. Let me show you around and take you around my beautiful island and other travels we might embark upon.

The title of my blog "Pinay Travelogue" for me stems from the obvious..well me being Pinay (and mighty proud of it mind you) and Travelogue - a dialogue and log of all the beautiful and interesting places we've ever been to. If you are a traveler yourself and haven't been to my native Philippines then I will try to orient you on interesting sights, things to do and tips to the best of my knowledge. The travels i intend to put here are not solely limited to my country..I will try to include foreign lands --that is, wherever our pockets might allow us to go. But most of them will be around our beautiful island Mindanao, since there are a lot of undiscovered and majestic views and spots here crying out for someone to blog about :)

Often, there are a lot of misconceptions about our island Mindanao that you can read about here. This blog aims to clarify those misconceptions about our island by bringing you to places here that are just screaming for someone to blog about.

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Misconstrued Mindanao >> A positive travel advisory

Note from P3 Curator:  This article is in reaction to today's article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer entitled 'US cable likens Mindanao to Afghanistan'. As Filipinos, we have a duty to defend our Mindanaoan brothers and sisters. Negative PR affects them greatly through tourism employment, investments, and basic self-esteem. Do not allow foreign entities to speak ill of such a ...

  • Sept. 7, 2011, 7:03 a.m.
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Adrenaline-pumping Seven Falls zipline

Lake Sebu in South Cotabato is slowly becoming one of the top tourist destinations in Mindanao. If you are within the vicinity, make sure to visit the Seven Falls Zipline. Adrenaline junkies will get more than just the usual thrill that comes with the ride, but a visual treat of the breathtaking view of the falls and surrounding ...

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