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Finding Love in the City Of Love

  • July 10, 2011, 8:12 p.m.
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If Paris is the city of love then Iloilo is its counterpart in the Philippines. There are lots of things to do and discover in this majestic place. Aside from its romantic speaking and very friendly locals, you will also adore the different sites and sounds this place has to offer. You will soon find out why people consider this place their home away from home.

Iloilo is located in the heart of the Philippines. It is a 40 minute flight from Manila or more or less 14 hour travel by vessel. The new airport is located in Cabatuan, Iloilo which is at least 20 minute drive to the city. The next town from Cabatuan is the municipality of Santa Barbara, where you can find the first flag raising site outside of Luzon. The neo-classical church of Santa Barbara is considered as one of the best preserved churches in Asia. In fact, in 1973 it has already been included in the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Iloilo is also known for its pristine white beaches. Two hours from the city of Iloilo is the town of Concepcion. You wouldn’t mind travelling that far for when you see the crystal clear blue waters of the various islands of this place you will feel you have seen paradise on earth. For those who are into scuba diving, then Baliguian Island is home for vast coral reefs. 

After a day of adventure, you also need to unwind and try the night life of Iloilo. You can listen to superb local artists performing at Smallville which is located at Diversion Road, Mandurriao. I am sure you do not want to miss the chance to try the delectable local delicacies of Iloilo such as batchoy and tinoom. But the best month to go to Iloilo is during January. This is the time where Ilonggos celebrate the world acclaimed Dinagyang festival. You can join at the celebration by dancing with the ati tribes on the street performing to the beat of the drums. In fact, tribu Pan-ay of Iloilo emerged with the grand champion title in the recently concluded Aliwan Festival with tribu Pan-tat which is from Zarraga, Iloilo as the second placer. 

So what are you waiting for? Come and visit Iloilo soon and fall in love with its exquisite beauty! You will surely bring with you memories to last a lifetime.   

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