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Budget Cut on Education is not Appropriate - Kabataan Party

  • July 13, 2011, 1:35 a.m.
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In a span of 1 year in his administration, how effective did PNoy performed? How did his proposed budget for 2011 affected the state colleges and universities.

Budget cuts to SUCs is one of the most controversial issues that the Philippines is now facing today. 

Aquino's administration is now on its first year since his victory during the May 10 elections. After a year, what happened to the Philippines then?

Most of the programs and focuses of PNoy's administration today is to put the past administration behind bars; sending his predecessor to justice by all means necessary. But despite his determination to put the past administration down, he somehow failed to show concerns to the things that are needed to be resolved.

One of the most crucial sectors that were deeply neglected is the Commission on Higher Education (ChEd). The Arroyo administration was criticized because of the forced tuition increase to state colleges and universities due to her insufficient budgets for education. This is a great burden not only to poor students but also to the parents as well. As a result, many students have lost the opportunity to continue education. But it's made even worse as PNoy's proposed budget for 2011 greatly slashed the budget for SCUs.

"Aquino and his budget team should refrain from issuing statements that education is a major priority of the current administration when in fact; he is slowly abandoning the youth," Kabataan Rep. Raymond Palatino said. In his message regarding the budget cut, Aquino said, "We are gradually reducing the subsidy to SCUs to push them toward becoming self-sufficient and financially independent, given their ability to raise their income and to utilize it for their programs and projects". Although these words are well delivered, tuition fee increase is definitely inevitable. Palatino also added that "allowing SCU's to generate income would lead them to have partnership with private sectors. Tuition fees will increase; which means burden to poor students."

If these problems regarding the budget cut from SCUs still remained unfixed, then the hope for a brighter future would not come for these unfortunate students.

Party mates, classmates, and shooting buddies or widely known as the "KKK" (Kapartido, Kaklase, at Kabarilan) were now given vital positions in the government. As far as PNoy's slogan, "Tuwid na daan"; the only question that comes out in my mind is that, "Are we making any progress? Is it the straight path to prosperity or the otherwise? Does the next generation have a brighter future that awaits them?"


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