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Preparing for an Emergency, the Kampo Uno Way

  • July 19, 2011, 6:37 a.m.
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UP does more than give lectures and tests. Learning shouldn't be confined to the classroom and to the degree of each student. There are other valuable lessons that the University offers. Life-saving techniques, for example, are taught by a group called the Kampo Uno Rescue.

The Philippines, being a tropical country, has had its fair share of natural calamities. From storms to floods to earthquakes, our little archipelago has been battered many times over. The most affected, of course, are the citizens. Aside from the loss of property, there is also the losses of life.

Many say that we are not equipped to handle such huge natural disasters. Being compared to the orderly and disciplined reaction of Japan after the tsunami is not an easy thing to swallow. Pilipinos are said to be uncooperative, undisciplined and ill-prepared to cope with tragedies.

In the University of the Philippines, Diliman, an organization is striving hard to remedy that. The Kampo Uno Rescue is a group of well-trained instructors dedicated to teaching the iskos and iskas of the university on how to handle emergencies. They currently teach a course under the CWTS curriculum on high-angle rescue and disaster preparedness.

High-angle rescue entails the use of ropes and slings to either scale down or climb a wall in order to save oneself or another. The most common way is by rappelling down to get to an injured person or to escape a dangerous situtaion.

Aside from rappelling, the course also offers short training on first-aid, survival swimming and basic knot-tying techniques. All these are taught to prepare the students in case they are faced with an emergency. This is done in the hopes that when another tragedy strikes, those who have been taught by the Kampo Uno Rescue could keep calm and help themselves as well as others in need.

  (Students of Kampo Uno Rescue)

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