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Myca Salonga is a Chemical Engineering student at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Being a 20-something lets her indulge in all that Metro Manila has to offer: Food, Entertainment, Fashion -- all on a student's budget.

Craving for Chocolate Cake? Try Chocolat

  • July 25, 2011, 12:14 a.m.
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Chocolate lovers everywhere should be happy to know that there is one shop that serves dark chocolate cake, just like mom used to make. Chocolat is the bake shop to go when you want that perfect comfort food. Try their Death by Tablea, Caramel and Kahlua confections.

For those with a ferocious sweet tooth, sometimes an ordinary chocolate cake is just not enough. It has to be the best, most delicious chocolate cake there is. Well, there is one store that can be satisfy that craving. Chocolat is a purveyor of lush darck chocolate cakes that would stand up to any standard.

Chocolat has been featured in the Inquirer Magazine and in The latter even hailing it as having one of the top ten chocolate cakes in Manila, an accolade rightly deserved. Their bestseller is the Death by Tablea, a moist chocolate cake with icing made from native cacao and condensed milk. They don't only sell chocolate cakes, though. They also have other baked goods such as cheesecakes, brownies and revel bars.

This homegrown bakery actually started out as a bakery supplies store in 2003. After patrons kept coming back not for the supplies but for the baked goods on display in their chiller, the owners decided to go ahead and churn out cakes as well. Their first all-dessert store opened in the Mall of Asia in 2006 and has been expanding ever since.

Their branches are located at SM Mall of Asia, Xavierville Quezon City, San Juan and Sct. Esguerra Drive Quezon City.



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