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[VIDEO] Prosti-Tuition is on the rise

  • Aug. 2, 2011, 9:10 a.m.
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Visit manila craigslist and click on 'mga kaswal na pagkikita' to see for yourself.

A recent article in Huffington Post mirrors what is happening in the Philippines -- because of lack of funds for college tuition, students are turning to prostitution for funding.

It is not only a developing nation phenomenon but in the United States as well. Anywhere there persists severe inequality and a diametric range in income, there persists the story of the student-prostitute. This is an old story -Isetan, the university belt, even a college along Hemady in New Manila, Quezon City are notorious for the collegiate street-walker.

In the Philippines, loans, the lack of government programs, financial aid, and grants are a far too complicated process. In the minds of some collegiate women, thirty minutes with a stranger is less cumbersome, red-tape-free, and costs much less. The government has not addressed this issue in a long time while NGOs are underfunded and lack creativity in their programs. 

Although the financial cost of prostitution is far less than searching for loans and alternative funding sources, the physical and psychological costs are great. STDs are like a ticking time-bomb in this underground industry. The potential for abuse and violent aggression is a constant. Lastly, the self-esteem, self-worth, and psychological ramifications of self-prostitution endures despite the exit from the industry often requiring counseling.

This contributor is asking for creative answers to this bleak situation. Please comment and share your thoughts.

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