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‘Offensive art’ to be taken to court by Catholic lawyers = Bullshit

  • Aug. 14, 2011, 1:09 a.m.
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Artists beware! Your freedom of expression is now threatened by conservative Catholics who do not want to be offended by your creations. Usually, if one does not want to be offended by something, they look away or do not partake. This time, they want to repeal your right all together. Progress!

Sighting a pre-war law prohibiting offending religion, CCP officials and Mideo Cruz (the artist) are being taken to court. PRE-WAR!  Atty. Imbong stated that, “Religious belief is more superior; that is why artistic expression has to yield to a limit which is to respect religious rights” (an interview with GMA News TV). This rant resounds a little too analogous to extreme Islamic states. Is the Philippines in the same category? Are we a religious state? Yes we are and this is disgusting in the name of freedom. Not every Filipino is Catholic. A religion that impedes on freedom, a right that is supposedly a spiritual one, is not remaining true to the foundations of faith.


What makes this farce even more disheartening is how senators demanded CCP officials to quit. This is the icing, ladies and gents. In the 21st century, the Philippines does not recognize the separation of church and state.  This is so third world and the senators are third class.


Like the Transformers, there is more here than meets the eye. Intricately woven into the controversy are pro-life groups. Could this be a plus-minus game being waged for a larger picture in reproductive health? Be vigilant, progressive Pinoys. The outcome of this legal circus will set not only precedence, but also color the issue of reproductive health. Can you see the common string? Reproductive health, artistic freedom to bow down to religion and archaic dogma for the pleasure of a few.


Do not take this sitting down. You will be affected by this in one way or another. Make noise.

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