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A good ad-man listens to the pulse of the youth

  • Aug. 13, 2011, 8:32 a.m.
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With veteran advertising executive Mon Jimenez assuming the reigns as DOT head, the Philippines can really up its tourism into a new category if he recruits the help of everyone.

Last night's headlines got me so excited that I tossed and turned with ideas. I immediately searched for a story I submitted to P3 several weeks ago on Tourism Creativity and realized that Mon Jimenez could actualize this. Jimenez could craft a campaign that stirs emotion enough that the hip university students and young professionals would spread it on their own to go viral -a la Team Manila's previous nationalistic campaign success . It has to be logical too that incentives are laid out for one of our nation's most valuable assets, our OFWs, converting them instantly into marketing cells all over the world. There is no reason to set up costly new avenues when our assets are already in place.

Not only can the seasoned adman use his clout in the industry to get everybody on board, but must keep his eye on the masses -- both a top-down and grassroots movement. Anything less than this will be half-baked and ultimately fail. At this point, the Philippines is playing catch up to other tourism campaigns Asia-wide and can only leap-frog if everyone, every Filipino is involved. In short, the Filipino must OWN this campaign for it to work. The campaign has to be iconic, easy to share, hip and logical, even crowd-sourced (if that's possible).

These are exciting times ahead. Hold your breath.

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