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Why Paris Hilton is in Manila

  • Aug. 15, 2011, 7 a.m.
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Many misconstrue that the hotel heiress is a blonde bimbo who simply parties off of daddy's riches. This outlook only scratches the surface. This writer would argue that the model, singer, host, an entrepreneur is a business genius. This is more than a get-away to a tropical paradise.

Paris Hilton made her infamy the catapult for her business. She gets paid just to show up and tweet about events and to mention establishments or where she is at the moment. She also owns and co-owns various businesses that she co-found from the start.

So why is she coming to Manila? What is in it for her in our little country in the orient? Remember that there is always more to Paris Hilton than just what is on the surface. It is highly doubtful that she is visiting the Philippines merely to have a mind-blowing conversation with Manny and Jinky Pacquiao. There are many possibilities to this trip.

Manny Pacquiao, apart from being a worldwide boxing icon, is also very business-minded. Could he have realized the worldwide PR ramifications of another icon such as Paris Hilton visiting the country? It has so much potential for tourism. Imagine a prissy, cockroach-fearing heiress visiting a developing nation – it sends a message that Manila is ready for, well, prissy, cockroach-fearing heiresses. On a business and investment note, Manny Pacquiao and Paris Hilton both know the business potential in the Philippines versus the United States. Our GDP and investment growth is only going up while the credit rating of the USA has just been downgraded. Could Paris Hilton be investing in a business here in the Philippines? Retail ? Imagine an heiress BPO (OK, that’s a little off ). Tourism will for sure receive a boost. Perhaps the new DOT secretary can take a hint from the boxer and the heiress.

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