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Interview with international DJ Rosie Romero

  • Aug. 18, 2011, 8:28 a.m.
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P3 had the privilege to interview international DJ sensation, Rosie Romero. The beautiful beat genius will be livening up the dance floor in Makati this Friday. Read the thoughts she shared here.

Q1: Who is the organizer of Rosie Romero in Manila?

The event is organised between my artist management Fresh Artiste Management
(based in the UK) & FREQUENCY MANILA. The events are at TIME, Makati Ave, 
Manila on Fri and The Penthouse, Cebu...

Q2: Having been around the hottest party cities (tour), which one was most

Oh…I have a few…Singapore, the crowd are so responsive and Singapore as a
place is inspiring! I loved Hong Kong, the crowd are wild!!! So
appreciative!!  China had a really good buzz and is very vibrant. Russia and
Poland are also great parties!!! Not forgetting my gig of a lifetime last
month for SPACE IBIZA!!! Need I say anymore ;-)

Q3: Who were your musical influences?

Gosh, a real wide spectrum of music, from Mersey beat to Missy Elliot. I
love Timbaland, the richness and inventiveness of his production always
blows me away. I always love the Alex Kenji sound but I am not sure that he
influences me in what I produce, but he is someone I admire.

Q4: Paris Hilton is in Manila right now -- would you invite her party-highness
to swing by?

YES!!!!! In fact can we try and arrange it! I would love Miss Hilton to come
on and party down with me!!! ;-)

Q5: If there was one track you would bump at 2am, what would it be?

That would have to be mine and Juan Kidd's 2011 mis of ‘Herd & Fitz’
Addictions, featuring Krysten Cummings, coming out in the next few months on
SUBLIMINAL Records. I love the track ....when you hear it, you'll know why

Q6 : Tell us about your summer. How’s it been?

A Summer that dreams were made of!!! ;-)
My most satisfying moment of this year was when one of the innovators of
house music signed two of my tracks, Mr. Todd Terry himself.  I also debuted
for Ministry of Sound at The Gallery London, Cream, Pukka Up @ SPACE Ibiza
and an opportunity arose to be sponsored by Gola. So it has been one
exciting year already. .  I am also playing in the Philippines for the first
time, which is another ambition realised.

I also have ‘Herd & Fitz’ Addictions, featuring Krysten Cummings, 2011 Juan
Kidd & Rosie Romero Mix coming out in the next few months on SUBLIMINAL
Records.  Mine & Ian Round’s Remix of Paul Thomas & Myke Smith’s ‘Tremolo’
on Iboga Records and Jerricho on Celestial Records are both released in
September. To cap it off I am also launching my very own radio show “Audio
Seduction”, which will be syndicated in over 20 countries worldwide. It will
be hosted on my podcast :

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