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DOT Sec. Ramon Jimenez's acceptance speech + my commentary

  • Sept. 4, 2011, 7 a.m.
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Transcript & thoughts


Secretary Ramon Jimenez:

On accepting the role of Secretary of the Department of Tourism

[Delivered at Malacañang on September 1, 2011]

It is with great humility that I accept the role of Tourism Secretary [from] President Benigno Aquino III. In accepting this role, I’m keenly aware that I will succeed only if I begin by rallying the DOT staff, the team, tourism practitioners, the government bureaucracy, and the general public around one very simple idea: Tourism is the people’s business. Ang turismo po ay negosyo ng taongbayan. As such its ultimate goal is not merely to improve statistics on tourist arrivals. Its real goal is to generate fulfilling and profitable income and employment for our people.

In an area of endeavor—and this is very important—where Filipinos tend to excel, I have much to contribute in terms of bringing strategic discipline to the challenge of promoting and developing the Philippines as one of the world’s most exciting destination brands. I’m thankful to Secretary Lim for the important gains achieved in terms of preparing the way for a truly progressive and aggressive Philippine tourism industry.

To President Aquino—my thanks for the trust and confidence. I will do my best to make tourism a hallmark of his administration’s drive to bring our people to the road, to richer and prouder future.

Thank you.
With a veteran ad man like Mon Jimenez taking the reigns and judging solely by his acceptance speech, there is foreshadowing of what his plans might be.

Without over-analyzing key words he used in his speech, here are my humble insights:

1. People's business - these two-words have been the focus in the past 24 hours. To boil it down, it simply means empowerment, ownership, a bottom-up approach (coupled with top-down management)

2. Profitable income & employment - Creation of service businesses and the jobs they come with fostering cooperation with government through incentives and support.

3. discipline - Marcos hammered this down. Creativity only excels when parameters are set. Without constraints, creativity runs a-muck.

4. brand - of there's any word that makes an ad man and tourism gel, it's 'brand'. The Philippines as a tourism brand needs, well, re-branding. Only the best change-CEOs can execute a smooth and commanding transition.

5. progressive and aggressive - traditional media and avenues of information dissemination will not be enough. Filipinos have to take ownership. Strategies and channels that will be used will be tech-savvy, modern, viral, incentivized, and ownership-inspiring. The Philippines will playing catch-up in Asia as a tourism destination. Only aggressive campaigns will allow us to come back strong.

Tourism is a gold-mine in a country rich with ecological treasures, intellectual and human capital, and a warm culture. Good luck Sec. Jimenez. Bring in the investments, jobs, and honor that the Philippines deserves.

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