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[VIDEO] Health Advisory: Yellow Boat Fever on the rise

  • Sept. 6, 2011, 7:31 a.m.
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It is sweeping the nation. Have you been infected yet?

What makes an idea infectious? The answer to this question is often argued by the best sociologists and trend watchers. One may analyze the structure of a virus to have an idea. The most infectious of viruses, under a microscope, have a concrete image of a protective wall, has a simple RNA replication mechanism, and attacks simple functions in the human body.

Enter Jay Jaboneta and Philippine Funds for Little Kids (PFLK). PFLK's advocacy is to help kids who have to swim to school because of the lack of transportation. How do you solve this? Source small amounts of funding and ask the locals to build a YELLOW BOAT. Suddenly, Jaboneta has a simple and iconic concrete image, an easily replicable solution; a solution that solves a simple human function -- you're now infected!

But that's only half the story. How, may you ask, did this young and impact oriented visionary rally people from various walks of life behind this goal? Facebook. Here is a video from Yahoo Philippines that tells this inspiring story.

Jay Jaboneta was awarded with Yahoo Philippines' Pitong Pinoy recognition, an award given to social change agents.

P3 will have continued coverage of Jay Jaboneta and PFLK as the Yellow Boats set sail and infects more and more people into action.

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