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Choose Philippines Launches Tourism Music Video on ASAP Rocks

  • Sept. 5, 2011, 6 a.m.
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Choose Philippines' music video 'Piliin ang Pilipinas' showcases the best about the Philippines, making it such a valuable contribution to the country's tourism industry. Here's my personal take about the new tourism music video.

Travel website Choose Philippines recently launched their tourism music video during the noontime variety show ASAP Rocks last Sunday. Its purpose is to aid the Philippine tourism industry by showcasing the best about the Philippines.

About the Music Video

Entitled Piliin Ang Pilipinas (which is the Filipino translation for the phrase ‘Choose Philippines’), the music video is just under four and a half minutes long. The theme song was written by Robert Labayen who is the Creative Communications Management Vice-President of the television networkABS-CBN. It features two of the network’s rising stars: Angeline Quinto and Vince Bueno.
You can view the entire music video by clicking here

Right Focus on the Music Video

Unlike most of the other tourism music videos released in the past that seem to focus more on the artist singing the theme song rather than about the Philippines, the music video of Choose Philippines was made in such a way that the artists performing the songs were pretty much given a back seat.

Along with showing the different travel destinations in the Philippines, the music video also featured the different things to do in the Philippines, from hiking up its rolling hills and mountains to watching one of its colorful festivals. I found this to be a good thing since it will be more able to attract those who are looking for a bit of adventure  or those that are looking for a romantic destination to spend their honeymoon.

Attention to the Finer Details about the Philippines

One of the things that I really enjoyed about the music video was the fact that it featured so many of the other things about the Philippines that have been taken for granted. Examples of these include the iconic jeepney filled with people enjoying the ride and the children enjoying a cone (or sandwich) of ice cream peddled by ice cream vendors in brightly decorated carts. Its these little things that make the Philippines unique and enticing for people to visit the Philippines, helping the Philippines’ tourism industry.

A Music Video with Catchy Theme Song

The very catchy theme song was composed with the common sounds heard during festivals mixed with the more modern tunes performed by the artists. It gives the entire music video a fresh sound to the ears, especially after that one Philippine tourism music video where nearly the entire song was sung at an ear-piercing pitch.

I have to commend Angeline Quinto for singing the song with such clarity. It really helped contribute to the entire retention factor of the theme song. The rap part of the music video was okay, but Vince did it way too fast that it’s quite hard to catch what he’s saying. Thank goodness for subtitles!

Definite Call to Action in the Music Video

Throughout the entire music video, one message is clear: choose the Philippines as your next travel destination in Southeast Asia. Indeed, the Philippines is a treasure trove of sights and sounds to experience and enjoy, from the different travel destinations to the rich and vibrant Filipino culture that makes the Philippines a country worth visiting. So the next time that you’re planning a trip, choose the Philippines!


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