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My name is CJ. I’m a graphic artist and blogger. Writing is one of my creative outlets, other than designing. I’ve always loved books, so my love for writing just came naturally, I guess.

In school I reveled in answering the essay parts of the tests rather than the True/False , Identification and Multiple choice, which most of my classmates preferred because it’s straight-up. Which probably means I like to go around in circles, when answering? I hope that made sense to you more than it did to me.

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  • Sept. 8, 2011, 7 a.m.
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It would be nice to know that after death, there’s another adventure that awaits us.

Some may think of death as a second shot at life or some may think of it as a continuation of the lives they led on earth.

I’d like to think of the afterlife, my afterlife, to be a carnival or amusement park. And just over a hill is a country house with a vast garden full of every kind of flower imaginable.


My own Eden.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as scared as the next person about dying. I haven’t seen the whole world yet. I have yet to experience the whole conundrum that is life. But then again, it is inevitable, with all the apocalypse talk going on.


I’m not saying it will happen, neither am I saying it won’t happen. But if it does I hope I’m ready to take it on and fully accept it.


I’m writing this post because my grandfather died a couple of months ago. We all knew that it was going to happen sooner or later, with him being sick and all, but not that soon.

We were all taken aback. Too shocked to comprehend. Busying ourselves with the days to come, the money that we will need and the people that need to know. Everything happened too fast and yet I felt like the days dragged on. It was like the whole ordeal felt like weeks, months even. Constantly saying to ourselves that he is happier up there and that we shouldn’t be sad because that would make our lolo sad. But we couldn’t help it. Seeing his pictures. Even just saying the word lolo before was a bit hard, because of the pang in the chest we felt after saying it.


Now, I’m okay, well better than the week before.

We lose some, we get some. People live, people die. The circle of life, as they say.

My advice? The first thing to do when someone dies is, let all the hurt out, so that when you get your fill and it doesn’t hurt as much anymore when you think about it, all that’s left are the fun and happy memories you had. And I think that’s better than, keeping it in, pushing yourself to get over it and then one day just breaking down, in the middle of a normal conversation.


Well, I wish and hope he is truly happy and he’s having the best day every day for the rest of eternity. Who wouldn’t want that right?

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