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I Fell in Love Through My Ears...

  • July 8, 2011, 8:21 a.m.
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"A man falls in love with his eyes.  A woman falls in love through her ears". -Woodrow Wyatt

I'm not going to tell you about when Hip-hop took my heart.  See, it didn't take a day nor even a week, month or year.  Instead I'm going to tell you how.

 It penetrated me to the very core over a period of time and once I began listening deeper and deeper, I was convinced that it would be not be a whirlwind romance.  As I lived through my growing glories and pains, Hip-hop had listened back.

I took to a pen and pad at the age of 14 and though I always second-guessed myself with each verse, I was determined to make a worthy contribution.  It wasn't a few years until I was ready to let others hear and soon enough, I had camaraderie with some underground heads.  Things started to happen for me at both a critical and vital time.  I was growing with people that allowed me to be exposed to an eclectic mix of music, which wasn't always made available to my ears on the radio or perhaps I had just been too ignorant about.  It even allowed me to appreciate my parents' musical preferences from their upbringing (which I had formerly shunned), because they were undeniably hip-hop's roots.  I was fascinated and absorbed the very essence.  

Fast-forward a few more years, at the age of 17/18 and I found myself high-speed rolling with an already established hip-hop/rn'b group.  Y'know, this little ol' group called 7 Shots of Wisdom.  Well, let's just say that it was the good, the great, the bad, and the worst.  That many personalities made to work together daily plus young mind-states? Chaos was inevitable.  Nevertheless, at the end of the day, despite our lack of control over our moves and collectively committing mistakes to the nth power, it was a life-changing and thrilling run with talented individuals that I had the opportunity to fly high with.  5 things that cannot be taken away from this experience: 1) I was launched into the industry, 2) Our music touched many, 3) I learned the business side of the game, 4) I met my husband (definitely can't take that one away, that's forever), and 5) I wouldn't be who I am today without them - mind, body and soul.

Post-group, I did take a breather, but I also took chances in lending my vocals to tracks by other artists and eventually, my flame for writing and making music was reignited.  This was around the time that I was a college student under the Bachelor of Arts - Major in Music Production program at De La Salle University-College of St. Benilde.  My course enabled my connection with the fundamentals and provided me with the ability to observe and be a part of what goes on behind-the-scenes.  I was a listener and learner once more and I thrived in that position.

Moreover, this was also when I joined with my current manager, Jigger of LockedDown.  He not only patiently (more patiently than you'll ever know) walked me through the path of a solo artist, but also guided me on how to extend what I knew unto others.  I decided that not only did I want to make my own moves, I wanted to assist others in their musical ambitions too.  Thus, he blessed me with a LockedDown imprint label called Dope Love Records roughly 2 years ago.  Within the same year that it was established, the first album by People's Future titled Headlines Issue#1 was released and notwithstanding the bumps in the road, it brought me joy beyond words to be able to play a part in this endeavor.

I believe that now brings me to present day.  I, who tend to be a hip-hop hermit, because "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans".  It's as if Hip-hop had become an old home; one that I had always kept, intended to keep visiting and at times still live in.  When in reality, I should be home to my own Hip-hop.  

I will always have it in me to produce music, for release or not.  But when I'm not doing that, I want to remain steady aware and listening to all the magic out there.  Let me listen to your music and I will be a medium to let others listen too so that they may fall in love through their ears, as I did.

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